kripke.exe - 2024-07-04 10:23:20 - MAQAO 2.20.3

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Global Metrics

Total Time (s)163.37
Profiled Time (s)158.81
Energy (kJ)51.36
Average Power (W)314.37
Time in analyzed loops (%)93.3
Time in analyzed innermost loops (%)28.9
Time in user code (%)93.3
Compilation Options Score (%)100
Array Access Efficiency (%)84.7
DRAM ReadVolume6.08 TB
Throughput38.09 GB/s
DRAM WriteVolume1.27 TB
Throughput7.93 GB/s
Potential Speedups
Perfect Flow Complexity1.00
Perfect OpenMP + MPI + Pthread1.02
Perfect OpenMP + MPI + Pthread + Perfect Load Distribution1.09
No Scalar IntegerPotential Speedup1.38
Nb Loops to get 80%1
FP VectorisedPotential Speedup2.78
Nb Loops to get 80%2
Fully VectorisedPotential Speedup4.76
Nb Loops to get 80%2
FP Arithmetic OnlyPotential Speedup1.59
Nb Loops to get 80%1

CQA Potential Speedups Summary

Loop Based Profile

Innermost Loop Based Profile

Application Categorization

Compilation Options

Source ObjectIssue

Loop Path Count Profile

Cumulated Speedup If No Scalar Integer

Cumulated Speedup If FP Vectorized

Cumulated Speedup If Fully Vectorized

Cumulated Speedup If FP Arithmetic Only

Experiment Summary

Timestamp2024-07-04 10:23:20 Universal Timestamp1720081400
Number of processes observed1 Number of threads observed52
Experiment TypeOpenMP;
Model NameIntel(R) Xeon(R) Platinum 8170 CPU @ 2.10GHz
Architecturex86_64 Micro ArchitectureSKYLAKE
Cache Size36608 KB Number of Cores26
OS VersionLinux 6.6.10-arch1-1 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Fri, 05 Jan 2024 16:20:41 +0000
Architecture used during static analysisx86_64 Micro Architecture used during static analysisSKYLAKE
Frequency Driverintel_cpufreq Frequency Governorschedutil
Huge Pagesalways Hyperthreadingoff
Number of sockets2 Number of cores per socket26
Compilation Optionskripke.exe: clang based Intel(R) oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler 2024.0.0 (2024.0.0.20231017) --driver-mode=g++ --intel -I /home/kcamus/miniapp_intel/kripke/Kripke/src -I /home/kcamus/miniapp_intel/kripke/Kripke/icx/include -I /home/kcamus/miniapp_intel/kripke/Kripke/tpl/raja/include -I /home/kcamus/miniapp_intel/kripke/Kripke/icx/tpl/raja/include -I /home/kcamus/miniapp_intel/kripke/Kripke/tpl/raja/tpl/camp/include -I /home/kcamus/miniapp_intel/kripke/Kripke/icx/tpl/raja/tpl/camp/include -Wall -Wextra -O3 -x Host -ffp-model=precise -g -fno-omit-frame-pointer -fiopenmp -O3 -D NDEBUG -std=c++14 -fPIC -fiopenmp -MD -MT CMakeFiles/kripke.dir/src/Kripke/Kernel/Scattering.cpp.o -MF CMakeFiles/kripke.dir/src/Kripke/Kernel/Scattering.cpp.o.d -o CMakeFiles/kripke.dir/src/Kripke/Kernel/Scattering.cpp.o -c /home/kcamus/miniapp_intel/kripke/Kripke/src/Kripke/Kernel/Scattering.cpp -fveclib=SVML -fheinous-gnu-extensions

Configuration Summary

Run Command<executable> --groups 1024
Number Processes1
Number Nodes1
FilterNot Used
Profile StartNot Used